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IICRC Exam Registration (Live-Stream Classes)
IICRC Exam Registration (Live-Stream Classes)

Register for your IICRC before class begins!

Written by Josh Foote
Updated over a week ago

Before your IICRC live-stream class begins, you must register for the exam on the IICRC website!

The IICRC administers the exam following the class. The exam for live-stream classes is taken online, and you have 45 days from the last day of class to complete the exam.

Each student must register for the IICRC exam with their own IICRC account. For most classes, the exam fee is $80 ($150 for some classes like AMRT). The exam fee is NOT included in the course registration.

After registering for the exam you will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully registered for the exam.

After class, you will receive an email from the IICRC that the exam has opened and you can take the exam!

You can register for your IICRC exam by clicking the button below!

Here is a helpful video if you need help registering for the exam.

If you need help registering for the exam or with your IICRC, you can contact the IICRC:

Live-Chat at

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